Complete Guide For Buying Handmade Custom Furniture for Your Home

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There are a number of options in the market for ready-made furniture but when it comes to defining your own style, there is nothing like handmade custom furniture. The designs as well as the wood chosen by you will say a lot about your taste and the kind of person you are.

Handmade wooden furniture may be a little expensive, but if you think about the number of years that it is going to last, then it is clear that it's good value for money. In fact, quality wooden furniture has been known to be passed down for generations and that too in top condition. The furniture might need a bit of re-polishing, but nothing more and it will look as if you bought it just the day before!

Benefits of Handmade Furniture

Although a lot of people prefer ready made furniture because of low prices and convenience of purchase; one cannot ignore some unique benefits of handmade furniture given below:
  • Durability when one has a piece of furniture built according to their choice of material, there is surety of quality. The best wood can be sourced and used to make the investment of time and money worthwhile. In contrast, if you purchase a ready made product from an online and offline store; you have no way of assessing the quality of material used.
  • Detail in design if you are a type of person that likes ornate design and are particular about the carvings, then you can have quite a say when you own personal carpenter is building something.
  • Uniqueness No one else will have the same sofa or table or bed that you have. Your home and its decor will be as unique as you are. On the other hand,factories churn out dozens of products of the same design.
  • Control of Budget now, while customization may seem a little expensive, a very important point to be noted is that the budget is in your hands. This means that you can manipulate materials, finish, and labor as you wish and still manage to keep it within the limits where quality is not compromised. In factory made furniture, the buyer has absolutely no say and at the most can pick up a few pieces that are out on sale in various seasons but then again quality assurance is not the same as in custom made ones.
  • Resale Value- now this is something which a very few people understand. While ready-made furniture will have to be sold as scrap, handmade wooden pieces can fetch you even a higher price than your original cost if the piece is still in top condition and the wood is also top quality.

The Key Advantage of handmade furniture is sturdiness and if one is going to spend thousands of dollars on a new construction, then it is wise to go over certain considerations for assurance of quality.

Types of Wood

There are basically two types of wood used in making furniture; soft and hard wood. Softwood, usually comes from trees such as:
  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Spruce and the like

Hardwood, usually comes from tree such as:
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Alder
  • Mahogany and the like

5 Best Key considerations Before Buying Furniture

1. Budget This is definitely the first consideration. If there are multiple things to be made such as dining table, corner table, sofas, and any other furniture, then you need to understand how much of your interior decoration budget can be allocated to furniture construction alone. Then, when you sit with the designer and decorator you can arrive at the appropriate investment for each such that the sum total does not go beyond the originally allocated amount for the furniture.

2. Shop Around - Sometimes quality may be available right under our nose and we may fail to notice it. Hence, start in your neighborhood, visit the small furniture makers, and see their catalogue which is sure to have pictures of their past work. You may find one very close to your house else the internet can guide you to search for a more sophisticated and experienced carpenters.

3. Preliminary Discussions - ask furniture makers if they if they are specialists in a certain type of style or can manage to work in myriad styles. You must also ask the shopkeeper whether he or she prefers to work with any particular wood and whether he will be willing to combine two types of wood in the same piece of furniture to fit your budget. For example, you may wish to keep the top of the table cherry and the bottom part as some other lesser priced wood. Make sure that the combination is right and sturdiness will not be affected. Have a few designs sketched out first rather than just orally explaining and expecting your imagination to turn into reality. The sketches will ensure that the way you are imagining the design is the same way that the carpenter has also understood. In case, you do not have any design in mind, the furniture maker can design a unique one for you keeping in mind the space and shape of the room.

4. Prepare a Contract if you do not have a written and signed contract then things can turn out to be expensive! There are many times when some additional costs can crop up or other things in your house may break or get damaged if the carpenter is working on your premises. When there is a contract, then the buyer can be assured that he or she will not be paying a cent more than what has been decided in the contract. Moreover, there is no ambiguity in the type of wood, the design, the budget and the duration in which work should be completed.

5. Make changes when there is still time have the furniture maker know that you will need to give a final approval before final finishing touches are started. This will save a lot of hassle for both parties.

Wood has an age-old charm and sophistication that no other material can match. Hence, with handmade products you get craftsmanship that will ever be possible in the ones made by machines.

Above mentioned guide help you in buying best handmade custom furniture for your dream home. If you still have any query or doubt and want to know more then let's to the details.

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