How Your Concrete Pool Deck Looks With Beautiful Stamped Concrete

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Most houses have a bland, grey concrete pool. However, there is no need for you to compromise with that twenty year old style anymore. You can create a concrete pool deck that looks stylish and attractive. You can stain and stamp the existing pool deck as it is not going to be as expensive as having a new one installed and the end look will be amazing.

Concrete pool decks in your area may generally still be the standard poured style with no decoration on it. The least that you will see is a coat of paint on top. This is because other options are relatively new and not everyone in your neighborhood would have opted for it by now. Concrete can be made to look beautiful with some new designs and you shouldn't wait any longer. Beautify your pool deck and then call everyone for a pool side get together to flaunt the new look.

Advantages of Concrete deck

There are several advantages associated with concrete and that is the reason why several people opt for concrete pool decks:

1.Safety: The texture of pool decks made from concrete serves as a good grip for bare feet. This is extremely essential in areas around the pool. You really don't want people to slip and fall into the water.

2.Ease of cleaning: Cleaning concrete is simple. A quick spray of the hose on anything that has spilled is all you need.

3.Durability: A wood deck starts to rot over time but that is not the case with a concrete deck. A concrete deck lasts you much longer than others.

The advantages of concrete cannot be overlooked but the appearance of the deck may still require improvement. Imagine your pool deck having the advantages mentioned above along with the look of antique stone or the look of dark orange bricks and pavers. It is also possible to make your deck appear like hardwood floor giving a more grand and royal look around your swimming pool.

What to do?

All that you need to do to achieve a look of your choice is staining and stamping. There are several manufacturers producing tools that you require for this activity and you will be able to find one in your locality.


Staining gives your concrete deck an incredible color. Why settle for grey concrete when you have the option of enjoying several different colors? Commonly used colors are earth tones but you need to choose the color that suits the surrounding area of your pool.


Stamping gives the extraordinary appeal by bringing in different textures mentioned above. Several options for concrete stamps are available in the market and you could use a unique one for every situation, depending on what look you would like to give to your concrete pool deck.

How to do stamping?

Stamping is a skilled procedure and needs to be done correctly in order to achieve that beautiful design. While the concrete is wet, apply the powder coloring agent and press the stamp on the surface. Use it as many times as you like in whatever pattern and direction to complete the design on the surface. Stamping will require patience and you could hire someone to do it for you if you think you will not be able to do it on your own.

The application of concrete usually dries the next day. Once it has dried, you need to pressure wash the surface. Pressure washing allows removing excess coloring agent. Apply some coats of high quality sealant for protecting the pool deck and your work is complete. Plan your next pool party, invite all your guests and get ready to receive compliments.

This blog has been written for the reader to provide a useful information about concrete pools. If anyone wants to know more on it then click here and get more idea pools and spas.

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