Drape Cleaning and It's Step-Wise Execution

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Drape curtains surely adds a very elegant and beautiful look to your home decor. These curtains come in different colors and in different prints to match your home decor. However, the biggest challenge that one would face is cleaning these drape curtains. Drape cleaning is not only a very tedious job but also is a challenging task given the nature of the fabric that drapes are made of. Drapes are normally very expensive and are a priced possession of their owners, it is therefore important that when it comes to drape cleaning you understand the steps involved in it. This will help you ensure that you do not damage your drapes in the process of cleaning it.

Please follow the steps mentioned below for getting good results as you look to clean your drapes:
  • You need to first check the fabric which is used in making your drapes. Normally drapes are made of much heavier fabrics than those used to make normal curtains. However, these days you do find drapes made of soft materials like cotton and silk. Once you know the fabrics used in making the drape you have you take the appropriate steps for drape cleaning.
  • Normally you may not need to clean your drape on a regular basis if you take good care and put in some time and effort to maintain the same. You can use a fabric brush to daily wipe out the dust that collects on your drapes. You could also use the upholstery attachments that come with a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your drapes on a regular basis. Doing so on a regular basis will ensure that your drapes are in good condition and you can have them hanging for a longer period of time.
  • It would also be good to do a regular sniff test on your drapes. Sniff your drapes to see if they smell fresh or have a stale smell. If you can get the stale smell that it might be time to pull them down for a wash or you could use a cloth steamer to run over your drapes to kill the germs and restore its fresh look. You could also use a mild freshener to retain a fresh smell in your drapes. Using harsher chemicals may lead fading of the drapes.
  • When it comes to drape cleaning, dry cleaning is a preferred option. However, there are some drapes that are made of washable fabrics. Most drapes have a washing instruction tag sewn on its seams. It would be advisable to refer to the instructions mentioned there and follow the procedures.
  • Before washing your drapes you may also want to check if the fabric bleeds. For this you may want to use take some warm water in a bowl and use a mild detergent to wash a corner of the drape to see if it bleeds.
  • If you decide to wash the drapes at home ensure that you remove all the hooks and pins that are attached to the drapes. Dust the drapes well to take away any excess dust that may have settled on the surface. Use a mild detergent and use a gentle cycle for washing the drapes in the washing machine. You can then dry them out directly under the sun but do not leave it out under the sun for too long or the fabric may just fade away.
  • If you plan to give your drapes to have it dry cleaned by a drape cleaning services you would want to ensure that they have the needed expertise to take care of such cleaning tasks. Also ensure that they follow the instruction mentioned in the washing instructions tag so that they do not damage your drapes.

Following the tips mentioned above you will surely be able to take good care of your drapes and ensure that they are always well maintained. Click here to know more.

Drape Cleaning and It
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