Exotic Bedroom Decorations for Newlyweds

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Bedroom decoration is always been a tough task, especially when you are going to decorate it for most special occasion in your life. There are numerous ideas to give exotic looks to the bedroom. But if it is meant to decorate for newlyweds, then I think there must be some unusual and special items should be place which get instant attention of couple and guests as well. Having such kind of exotic and romantic bedroom is definitely a desire of every newlywed couple. So after the wedding of my beloved sister I decorated her bed room with some latest and unique techniques which were appreciated in whole family.

Romantic Color Schemes:

Color scheme for newlywed couple must be neutral. It doesn't depend on only one person's choice. You also have to prefer your partner's choice. Pinky or any girly color scheme is definitely not appropriate and acceptable for males. So considering both of the person's choices I thought to apply some neutral color schemes. Off white, grey, light yellow and light blue are best to use. So I preferred of white color with combination of red textured wallpaper on the particular area of fireplace. For further color enhancement I thought to install some matching color paintings and photos, so I thought to put red roses on photo canvas and hanged them up above the bed wall. Color scheme was looking perfect now as matching colored curtains further enhanced the beauty of room. If you want to apply wallpapers on sectioned area then it would be also a good choice.


Placement of unique styled bedding is definitely good enough to decorate your room in embellishing way. Better option is to choose king sized bed which is totally made up of wood. Unique crafting at back side area of bed makes it more spectacular. I also arranged cushions and small pillows at the back side. Moreover, the decoration of roses in heart shape at the center of bed create romantic atmosphere in the room which greatly appeal newlyweds and charm their moods. Small side bed tables create more enchanting and perfect look to the complete bedding.

Necessary Additions:

Some other necessary additions are important to create comfort for newlyweds. So I bought a beautiful night stand which placed besides the bed side tables. A perfect wardrobe is another beautiful addition for providing comfort and relaxation to bride. Big dressing table with clear pristine mirror can create perfect and eccentric look. The mirror's borders were stylized with natural red roses and small red petals were randomly scattered at the entire dressing table.


Ornamentation of bedroom for newlyweds is quite hectic. But it was interesting too. First of all I bought a beautiful rug which meant to place at the center of room. It was in red color and circular shaped. Red curtains were decorated at windows. And I placed a beautiful transparent room divider, which was separating the wardrobe and other room area. For wall enchantment, I sorted out their first day wedding photos and thought to preserve photos on custom canvas prints which were going relevant with perfect color scheme. I decided to hang the photo on the front wall. It was giving like an introductory look to the room. For brighten up the room, I bought a pristine chandelier having yellow lights. This was another beautiful addition in the room. Now the room was decorated and looking more than extra ordinary. If you want your room full decorated with printed canvas, glass and metal prints than click & buy now at Imageprinters.com.au.

Exotic Bedroom Decorations for Newlyweds - daviddadson - exotic-bedroom-decorations-for-newlyweds-118.jpgExotic Bedroom Decorations for Newlyweds - daviddadson - romantic-bedroom-interior-design-119.jpgExotic Bedroom Decorations for Newlyweds - daviddadson - wedding-room-decor-120.jpg
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