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Tangelo 11-29-2010 09:41 AM

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Originally Posted by mattpdx View Post
I had a couple of doors and windows replaced with Andersen products. They used a composite brick mould for the trim (also manufactured by Andersen to match the colors).

I'd like to replace some more windows by myself, but I'm trying to figure out how the installers attached the moulding without nails:

They used some sort of channel that gets nailed to the sheathing, and then the moulding locks into place. I'm not sure if this is a built-in feature of their moulding, or something I'd have to buy separately. I've done all the usual searches and can't find anything about it!

Does anyone recognize this product, and what it's called, or is an integral part of the Andersen composite brick mould?


- Matt
Hello Matt!

I work for the Home Depot, and so I'm familiar with the Andersen product line. Without knowing which series & style of window you have it's difficult to give an absolute answer. Do you have a Double Hung, Casement, Sliding window? Are they series 200 or 400 windows?

You mentioned they were installed by someone else, did you have the Andersen Renewal windows installed? The reason I'm asking is because those windows are only available from the Andersen Renewal program, and are somewhat unique, so you would need someone from Andersen Renewal to help you obtain the info you are looking for.

If they are windows were purchased from a store like Home Depot, or a lumberyard, then the following answer might help you out. The picture attached below shows a Double Hung window, and the perimeter nailing flange is the part that has holes every few inches, and in the photo they showing how to attach the Auxiliary casing around 3 sides, the bottom end of the Auxiliary Casing is cut flush with sill of unit. It seems that the Auxiliary Casing is nailed on the edge, then once the job is done, the area is caulked hiding the nails.

The full document can be found here > on the Andersen website.

Let me know if works for you, or not.


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