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smcgill 10-17-2010 07:47 AM

Concrete encased basement window
O.K. I have this window with a steele frame that is set into the foundation.
It's from around 1980.
Is there a way to put a repacement vinal window in?:confused:
I think to repace the window I have to cut out the window frame.

smcgill 10-19-2010 04:55 PM

So no bites.
Home crappo and Blow's see some but they seem to be standard size ro not one like my situation.
So far $102.20 to $200 from them.
Any sugestions?

DrHicks 10-20-2010 08:52 AM

So is this a basement window? How is it "set into the foundation"? And what kind of foundation are we talking? Poured concrete? Concrete block?

Without seeing a picture, I can't say what you'll need to do to get the old window out. I suspect they might have essentially set it in place, then mortared around it. I that's the case, it should be fairly easy to break up the mortar & remove the steel frame.

From that point, if it was mine, I think I'd build a frame out of either green-treat or cedar 2x8s, install it in the opening, then install the window.

Again, without more information, I don't know what you're looking at regarding sizes, etc.

smcgill 10-20-2010 03:08 PM

The steel frame is surrounded with pored concrete!
No motar and the frame is set in.
The steel edge 1 1/2 " that wraps around is flush with the concrete.
The steel frame seams stamped steel.
You have two sides / a bottem and a top!

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