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Smithwd 09-26-2013 01:10 PM

converting a single patio door to both opening
I have a single opening patio door..i'd like to convert it to both doors swinging in. this is in a garage so it doesn't have to be pretty...i just need a larger access.....

any ideas other than the obvious...

CallMeVilla 09-26-2013 01:36 PM

Well .... Never sure what is "obvious" ...

1. If your framing is uncovered, you should see the header, jack and king studs have to be re-framed to accommodate the new door. You know how, right?

2. You will have to cut through the exterior siding at the correct dimension for the rough-in of the new door. Easiest way would be to keep on of the door sides and just push your framing over for the new door width. Got that measurement? Got the saw? Only cut the siding and sheathing, not the framing. Right?

3. Depending on the load, you might want to support the garage framing with a temporary brace to keep it from sagging. Check?

4. Having cut the new hole, now cut the existing framing out as needed, re-frame, install the new, beefy header, and double check the rough-in dimension so it fits the new door.

5. Don't forget your flashing and building wrap.

6. Now you can install the new door. You know how, right?

Have a great time! :D

OH, here is a basic framing video ... He starts talking about the door at 10:30 but it is fun to watch the whole thing ...

nealtw 09-26-2013 06:03 PM

Welcome to the site. Have you got two doors now and only one open?

Smithwd 09-27-2013 10:10 AM

correct 2 opens
the obvious would be a new double opening patio door!!!!!...But .I'm wondering if I could remove the fixed door..........hinge it so that it swings in.....and add on some bolt locks to keep it in place.......remmebr that this is in a garage so the appearance from the inside doesn't matter.........

the "hole" already exists as this is a normal installed patio door... I just need wide access then the single door gives me...

all done.......1 sawzall.....4 new hinges..a little weatherstripping.......getting the fixed door out was tricky so as not to bend the door and pop the seal but the sawzall did what i needed.....

maybe other doors had their fixed door specially mounted bu this thing was a breeze.

nealtw 09-27-2013 01:30 PM

Yes you can turn it around, you have to pull the frame and re-install it. You likely have a fixed upright like a 2x4 between the two doors that you would have to cut and leave attached to the one door. It is probably more trouble than it it worth to play with old frame. I would find the shop that will do this kind of work and have them build a new frame for your doors and install the hardware properly. If you get a new frame you will want to check clearence above the frame as the inswing door frame is about 1 inch higher than the out swing.

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