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jjohnston 03-25-2013 10:37 AM

Drywall bows out by window
I was just about to start building/installing window casings. When I measured the depth from the window to the front of the drywall, I noticed one side is 3.5" while the other side is 4". I also noticed I have a big gap in the drywall around the window frame. one side the drywall is tight against the window frame (like I would expect to see). The other has about a half inch gap between the drywall and the window frame stud. I was trying to figure out how to build a window frame with this type of problem, or if there was a way to fix the problem before doing the trim work. I tried to look in the gap, and I didn't notice anything off hand that would be in the way of the drywall...

I have heard about sometimes studs warp in the winter, and I'm not sure if that's what this is (I haven't looked at it in the summer yet). But if it is, I don't think I would want to frame it as is now, and have it crack apart in the summer, and vice versa.

Not sure if this makes sense, or what other info would be helpful.

nealtw 03-25-2013 11:04 AM

Studs often warp as they dry out in a house. The window has two studs on each side and as these are nailed together, they usually hold each othe straight but on a bad day, they warped in the same direction or were not nailed together or it was nailed together like that. It won't come back unless you have a water problem in the wall. Even it's doubtfull.
The fix, rip the wall apart and see whats going on or some fancy wood work to add to the frame and bring it out to match up with the drywall.

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