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ah269 08-17-2011 05:54 AM

Exterior Frame repair/replace ??
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Hello All,

I would like to thank the wife's damn cat's for bringing me here today. They have torn up the wood at the bottom of the door frame where they come in & out of the house. I will post pics so you can see.

It looks like the piece i want to replace is 2 3/8" wide X 1/2" thick. It is the piece that the weatherstripping is attched to.

I was wondering if this is a question of just removing the caulk bead around the wood, popping it off with a chisel (carefully) and replace with new board & weatherstrip.

Any feedback would be GREAT !!!


nealtw 08-17-2011 09:18 AM

Not so easy! If you pull out the weather strip you will see that it is one peice of lumber that has bean cut out for the door and a slot cut for the weather strip. So it's change the door frame. I did see on "this old house" years ago, they repaired it with apoxy.That piece of wood goes right down to the floor.

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