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parkerea 06-11-2011 03:17 PM

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Originally Posted by nealtw View Post
...You can be sure they try very hard to limit this problem as warped boards are impossible to machine ....
The warranty is good for a year. On Friday I officially accepted the door after the installer made some adjustments (moved the strike plate to tighten the door against the weather stripping), so as long as it does not get worse I am OK with it, though it is not ideal.

I noticed that the 1-3/4" stiles are actually two 7/8" boards laminated together, presumably with opposing grain, so yes, they do take care to avoid warpage.

Originally Posted by TheDoorGuy View Post
...Couple of questions:
Was this a prehung door or was it installed on the existing door jambs?
What type of weatherstripping do you have?...kerf style or aluminum stop applied?

A picture or two might help.
It was prehung with kerf weatherstripping. With the strike plate adjustment, the door is slightly too tight against the weatherstripping IMHO, but I suspect the weatherstripping will compress somewhat over time, so that is probably OK.

I attached a photo of the warp. The black thread is pulled tight from top to bottom of the lock side stile's inside face.

Once again, thank you all.
- parkerea

parkerea 06-13-2011 07:43 AM

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Originally Posted by TheDoorGuy View Post
...Qlon kerf weatherstrip does come in different thickess
or reach configuration. You could use the thinner one by the latch area
and then cut in a thicker piece above and below to help take up the space.
Here is catalog link:
Columbia Catalog 2010 that 40/100" in the
picture?...If so that would be more like 3/8" and not in the so called
"acceptable" warp range...
That is great news about different thickness of weatherstrip. I will follow up with them.

No, it is actually 241/100". Old dial calipers are read in 2 parts and summed (see attached photo for those interested in "dial caliper 101"):
1. The coarse reading down to 1/10, which in this case is 0.200", plus
2. The fine reading down to 1/1000, which in this case is about 0.041

Thanks yet again,

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