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NailBanger 03-28-2009 08:46 AM

Interior and Exterior Doors
I am looking for a better way to list doors for ordering .
an organized spreadsheet of sort.
sizes - door swing (l/h - r/h ) etc.
Interior - Exterior etc.
i myself have complete knowledge of the terminologies used - my goal is
#1 to make this process easier for the home owner to understand
#2 make the ordering list a less complicated to complete.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

jdougn 03-29-2009 01:10 PM

I know that Lowes special ordering system uses a drop down window with picts. Go there (or probably any big box store) and get a quote for some special order doors. Watch them go through the process on their software and you may get some good ideas.
hth, Doug

TheDoorGuy 12-04-2010 02:58 PM

Hi there,
These are a couple of forms that I have used on and off over the years.
The exterior door note page dates back to the days when we stick built units onsite
but you might find something of use.
Richard The Door Guy

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