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gavimobile 08-06-2008 11:42 AM

polyurethane everywhere
so my door frame and door looked like a rinosourus was making love to it, so a friend of myn replaced my door and door frame with a new one! didnt pay a dime except for the door and the door frame! (i take care of his computers for free so were even), anyways besides for cement or whatever its called he also used polyurethane foam to seal the holes between the door and the frame, the foam is all over my new door frame! what is the safest way to completly remove this foam without damading my door, this stuff got on the wall near the door to which i just did a nice plaster job on.

thanks for your reply in advance, and id be glad to add a picture if u need to see what it looks like here!

thebobo 08-07-2008 12:55 AM


How unfortunate. I hope at least the low expansion type of foam was used to prevent buckling of the door frame. Once the foam is cured, it can only be removed mechanically, that is, by cutting, scraping or sanding.

If it simply bubbled out of the crack between your door jamb and frame while curing, just cut it flush with the jamb and your door surround trim will pretty up the crack.

If however the foam got elsewhere due to mishandling of the dispenser, it must be sliced or scraped off. If you're lucky in that it was partially cured by the time it got on the wall, you may be able to just pull it off.

Next time have some acetone handy when working with polyurethane foam; it dissolves it but only before it cures.

gavimobile 08-07-2008 07:52 AM

wow, thanks for the great reply!

unfortunetly its all dried up, so i will have to remove it mechanically.
my plan now is to remove as much as i can carefully with a razor knife, and after ill sand it down... could you recommend me what size of sandpaper i can use to scrape this stuff off?
i currently have size 120 here. will this work?


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