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CM1384 03-05-2011 01:24 PM

Preassembled glass block windows
Hey folks

So I've got a fixer upper home that I'm currently reworking the bathroom of. The window faces to the front yard, and it's pretty obvious that glass block is the way to go. I'm going with the Pittsburgh-Corning pre-assembled vinyl-frame windows: (

I'm thinking of going with the 40x40 size, and here's why: the measurements of the current window. I measured in three spots across the top and side.
Top measurements are: 43, 43.0625, 43
Side measurements are: 45.625, 45.625, 45.5

The product sheet indicates that 40.9375" are required for the rough opening size. That's an inch or two off on either side, on all sides. How can I compensate for this? Any good videos online of this type of window replacement (youtube etc?)

Thanks in advance.

TheDoorGuy 03-09-2011 11:07 AM

Sounds like you could create a frame out of 2x6 material.
You could use clear kiln dried fir or heart redwood and build a box
with the correct interior measurements. You would have to mill the
width down to wall thickness and adjust the thickness of the side pieces.

You could cover the uneven gaps around the outside by using
a 1x4 trim outside and wide casing inside.

We have glass block in our bathroom and like it a lot.
Good luck with the project!


joecaption 03-09-2011 02:24 PM

Retrimming the inside to the new size is the eazy part, it's the outside that can be hard, what's on the outside of the home for siding? If it's vinyl do you have a whole lot of left over pieces. By going with a smaller window every piece on the sides of the window will need to be replaced to make it look right.
And were are you taking these measurement. To get a real rough opening size you need to remove the casing to get an exact measurement.
What type window is in there now? If it's a double or single hung window did you know you can buy Acrilic block replacement windows?
Do you plan or reselling this home or stay in there for a while? The reason I'm asking is window film is a cheap quick fix and there's dozens of differant styles to choose from.

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