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hopelesslyinept 04-30-2008 03:21 AM

Project #1 new entry door
Hi all,

I've decided that the number one project on my list for my house in disrepair is the front door. While I'm not completely certain what's wrong with it, I believe that the door frame is actually loose so that the door can be pushed in even if locked. :confused: It was nailed shut at some point and hasn't been used since. I, however, in my recent 'take over' of this house, have decided that I like front doors and am going to have someone replace it. I read a bit about how to measure exterior doors thanks to another thread here, but didn't understand but about half of the terminology. So, again, that's something that I'm going to have to leave to the handyman.

My question, though, is what exactly do I need to consider when shopping for exterior doors. This is an older house, the current door is a flimsy faux wood if I remember correctly. Well, it's real wood but not actual wood panels more like mm thick strips of wood. I don't know. Anyway, I'm on a hugely limited budget. I'm a single woman that has grandiose dreams of one day actually crawling my way up to the poverty line. My employer apologizes every time he hands me my paycheck. Therefore, I cannot afford top of the line but I do want a quality door that I'll feel safe having. I also need a door that'll stand up to a fair amount of physical abuse. Not that I attack my doors on a regular basis but I'm farm-folk and don't do anything daintily.

What are some of the things that I need to keep in mind when shopping for this economical yet raging lunatic-proof door?

TIA :)

inspectorD 04-30-2008 05:48 AM

Where is Shan?
You can start by going to the library and checkin out some books, it's all free. There are all kinds of things to learn, and the terminology to figure out, but we will help you through.
Start out buying a screw gun if you don't have one. This will help with fixing the door. Setting some larger screws into the jamb and latch side will hold the door for now.
Try Googling door instalation for more specifics. I'm off to work, someone will be by.:)

Square Eye 04-30-2008 06:42 AM

Steel doors are the most durable and economical doors on the market. You can get them pre-bored for the locks you want and the jamb and the hinges are already installed. You need to measure the width of the current door and make sure you have at least 81 1/2 - 82 inches of height after you remove the old door jamb (frame). A lockset such as the Schlage or Kwickset will attach with no special tools. They come primed, so you'll need to paint it before you install the hardware.

A big job? not too bad... Buy a pack of shims and use 3 inch screws to attach the jamb to the house framing like InspectorD said. The screws will allow you to make adjustments. just loosen the screws and put a shim or 2 in to keep the screws from over tightening and bowing the frame. Keep a level handy and make things as perfectly straight and plumb as possible. The door will work much better and last much longer if you take your time and get it right.

John7447 04-30-2008 06:41 PM

I like fiberglass it won't dent or rust like steel or swell like wood.About 90% of the doors we install are fiberglass we have found them to hold up well.
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