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PIZZAPIZZA 02-27-2009 09:10 AM

Raising a sliding glass door
I have a contrete slab floor and want to put a new subfloor over it but would need to remove the sliding glass door and then reinstall on the raised floor. Do I just put the threshold on the new subfloor and can I cut into the header to accomadate the new height? It's a 6' door and I want to move it up 4". Thanks.

GBR 03-20-2009 11:17 AM

Hi, PIZZAPIZZA. Hey, your name is fun to type! The header above is rated for the load it carries. -------- I wouldn't cut it. ---------- Because of the liability and safety issues, I would consult a Licensed Contractor or Structural Engineer. The worst - FAILS and hurts someone, the least - stress cracks in your wallboard, or door binds.

Yes, the door sits on the raised slab, with window/door wrap, or flashing, caulking, some water barrier under it. If it measures 6'10" high, new ones come stock, 6'8". I'm still reasoning why a new 4" slab - heating in floor? Is it structural? Be safe, GBR

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