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mimsathome 05-27-2011 12:37 PM

Replacement Windows for 3 Season Porches
Hi all,

I'm looking for thoughts. I'm about to replace the old rope and pulley windows in my three 3 season porches on my house. Since these porches are sealed off every winter, I don't see a need to buy expensive double pane new windows.

Can I buy replacement single pane windows to use instead? Would they be cheaper? I live in Massachusetts and, as we here know, winters can be pretty cold and long! But I can't see the point in buying very expensive windows, and I'd have to buy a lot of them, if simple single pane windows would do.

What have others done?

Mims in Massachusetts

joecaption 05-28-2011 05:12 AM

A double pane will not cost all that much more then a single pane. The warmer that room stays in the winter the less cold air is going to be able to transfur into the heated area of the home. At some point someone's going to want to heat and cool that area, that would mean they should also change out all the windows again. there may be a tax credit still going on for energy star rated windows of 30% of the materials cost. It's 0 on single pane windows.
Why not just go with replacement windows instead of new constrution windows?
I'm paying only about $130.00 for an average sized window. You can replace them yourself. With just a razer knife to break the paint bond, a flat bar a hammer and a caulking gun. Once you figure out the first one it takes about 15 min. to do each window.
Check out local siding supply houses (look in your yellow pages) not places like Lowes or Home Depot for pricing on windows.
Check out Wincor and Simonton windows.
I'd pass on companys like Pella and Anderson. Both have had issuses after about 10 years with leaking, fogging, if there vinyl or aluminum clad the bottom sashs, or sills rot out and the company will not cover them under warrenty. There also way over priced, someone has to pay for all that advertising.

RickW 06-08-2011 08:43 AM

Single Pane vs. Double Pane
If you don't have a problem with energy efficiency in that one room, then I would just go with single pane. Double pane units don't last forever. The argon gas will eventually leak out and then you have to pay to replace the glass.

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