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maggiesilver70 09-07-2008 03:08 PM

side by side window does not fit
Hello everyone:
I've been searching around this forum for a little while trying to learn some of the terms. I'm new to most DIY, and we bought a house two years ago. Unfortunately there were many things the home inspector didn't investigate, one of the most frustrating being our windows. We have one window in our bedroom that seems to have the only breeze, and it is the window with the problem. It is an old house (1921) and the window is very small. The two small storm windows sit on top of each other horizontally, but the inside of the window, the sash, sit side by side.:confused: (The old owner was a carpenter we heard, so we guessed he maybe was able to do it himself). When the one screen is down (horizontally) to let in air, the windows side by side cut off half of the screen, meaning we have one quarter or this small window open. My nephew who studies carpentry told us to just get another screen and put it on top of the other one and take out the sashes so that we could have a breeze, but I tried and the screens don't fit. He told us a customized window would cost an arm and a leg. So I am trying to figure out if there could be any other solution? Again, I am new to this, so feel free to ask me any questions, I will try to answer with the correct terminology! Thanks so much, Maggie

glennjanie 09-07-2008 04:53 PM

Welcome Maggie:
It may be possible to remove the sliding sashes, leaving the storm window only. Then you could get half the opening with fresh air. Keep the sliding sashes handy though, you'll need them this winter.

inspectorD 09-07-2008 06:22 PM

A picture would really help. I know those old windows, and like Glenn said, keep the old ones handy.
You can get a lumber yard to measure the window for you, then see what your options are for changing it. Any new windows will help to pay for themselves in a few years, especially with the cost of energy these days.

Upgrades are a must nowadays.
I also hate standing up for mediocre inspectors, but also understand we are only in the house for a couple of hours ...and sometimes only the sun is shining.:D
Always do an inspection in a storm. You'll know everything.:D

maggiesilver70 09-08-2008 11:22 AM

Thank you both :)
Hi there, thank you both for your suggestions. We did take out the sashes, and are leaving them nearby for the winter! I will try to see if we can scan a picture too, I think the idea of sizing them, and having them made will definitely pay for themselves in the long run.
Just wanted to say, I definitely didn't feel it was the inspector's fault! He couldn't really move around too much, which he commented on, because the family acted as though they didn't want us there (strange when you're trying to sell your house!) The inspector also told us what he thought about skylights being just two big holes in the roof, and he was right. They've been leaking since we moved in. So I just wanted to make the comment that we didn't blame him!:) He just wasn't welcomed to investigate (I should have included that in my message!)
Thanks again for your suggestions,

inspectorD 09-08-2008 12:43 PM

Your welcome, always
Don't worry about the inspector comments, we have a really thick skin. And every inspection is different, I run into strange things and folks all the time.:eek:

Good luck on the window. Enjoy the rest of the fall.:)

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