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DIY-Jake 09-21-2008 09:58 AM

Strange patio door leak
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I have a leaking patio door - so what else in new. However, I haven't seen any posts that describe a problem quite like this one.

I have water damage at the bottom corners of my sliding patio door. I removed the inside side trim and peeled back the linoleum floor to see the extent of the damage. The ply at the corners is pretty shot but the studs above seem to be pristine. That indicated to me that the door/flashing/J-channel is not leaking around the top or sides. That maybe was not a correct conclusion, but it led me to do the following:

On the sliding-door-side (opposed to the fixed-door-side), I plugged the drain hole with chewing gum and poured about half a cup of water in the bottom track. In about a minute, the water slowly drained down the corner where the track meets the side. Ah ha! Although the floor eventually got damp under that corner, most of the water came out on the floor on the opposite side. Hmm. (See attached pictures.)

Bottom line, is the door defective and a manufacturing issue (the seal has failed at the sides)? Or is there supposed to be an underneath sill/flashing to capture that water and direct it outside (installed incorrectly)? Caulking the corners seems to be a temporary fix that will eventually fail. Am I even on the right track?

Additional info that may or may not be important: The door is a Therma-Tru and my home was built by Ryan Homes 6 years ago. I installed a deck 5 years ago and flashed up underneath the door and over the deck ledger board. Deck is 2 inches below sill of door. The flashing also extends up under the side J-channels about 2 inches. (I am worried that I somehow caused this, but not sure how.) No deck or roof above door.

I would appreciate any help or insight.

inspectorD 09-21-2008 05:28 PM

Your on the right track. It is most likely a flashing issue under the door. They usually are caulked and it fails after a while.
What you need is a door sill pan to set the door into, and let the water run to the outside.
Check with your local lumber yard and tell them what you need.
The warrantee is most likely a dead end. They will come up with excuses and most likely waste your time.

Nice job figurin it out on your own.

DIY-Jake 09-22-2008 05:02 AM

Thanks for the response. Sounds like I need to take the whole door out and insert that sill pan to do it right. Gosh, I was dreading that.

inspectorD 09-22-2008 05:48 AM

IT is better than the alternative, replacing the sub-floor in a few years, and mabey some bugs.:eek:
Unfortunately there is no easy solution for this issue. It is what keeps contractors busy.

Oh, and make sure your paper above the flashing laps over the new sill pan. Kind of like making sure your raincoat is not tucked into your pants...or you get wet all over again.

But when you finish, it should be good for another 50 years. Longer than the door will last.:D
Good luck.

mikemeier 09-23-2008 10:09 PM

Better yet use the butyl flashing instead of the paper. It sticks to everything forever.

DIY-Jake 09-25-2008 08:16 PM

Sorry I haven't reposnded sooner. My job gets in the way of things I really like to do. InspectorD - when you say paper, you mean making sure the the Tyvek wrapping overlaps the sill pan? Not clear why I would need to add butyl paper if everything is flashed. Also, J-channel immediately surrounds the door with viny siding into it. What's the easiest approach to get at the door to remove it?

inspectorD 09-26-2008 06:33 AM

Tyvek or tar paper. You need to remove the siding in that area to get to the flange fasteners on the door flange. And extend the tyvek if you need to.
Human fly paper is what what Mike is talking about. :D They sell it as window and door flashing for the sides and top of the install. The bottom needs flashing pans to last longer. We have put the sticky paper under the flashing as a secondary, probably works pretty good. Only time will tell.
Try looking here.

bcny168 12-20-2008 02:01 PM

New Construction leaks
Hello all!

I'm new to this forum. Basically I a problem with leaks in my house. I live in a new construction and have been dealing with the contractor who built the house for almost two years and the leak is yet to be solved. I have attached pictures on that I hope will help explain my situation.

I am not sure if the water is coming through the patio door but the contractor claim it isn't coming through the doors. These patio doors are south facing and when heavy rain hits against the door the tracks of the doors get wet. It doesn't get alot of water but still puddles for a while and then goes away. I check the door for plumbness with a level and it looks fine and the weep holes are not blocked at all. THe contractor checked the roof, gutters, replaced the tiles on the floor, caulk it over 5 times, repointed the bricks with hydraulic cement. Do you guys have any clues?


glennjanie 12-20-2008 06:39 PM

Welcome Barry:
You need the door pan mentioned by InspectorD above along with high quality caulking. You said the water gets in the tracks and runs away later. Each screw through the door track is a potential leak and should be caulked seperately.

eddie94603 10-15-2009 08:37 AM

It's also possible the weep holes are blocked or clogged. I drilled a few additional weep holes so that the rain water will quickly drain rather than back up.

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