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tpcolson 12-03-2012 06:28 PM

Type of replacement window for log cabin?
I'm stumped as to what style of window to pic for a log home (replacement). The current windows are aluminum frame, and a trimmed flush on both sides with wood, so all you see is a very thin strip of aluminum on either side. windows are up/down sliders. Seems the only replacement these days is vinyl, and every model I've looked at in a showroom has all the "bling" trim attached. Is there such a thing as a style of window with no trim? Or just the minimum necessary to drain water out over the wood sill piece? I suppose I could go to the flashy window dealer in town with a better description of what I want, but I'm hoping to do my on-line research first. Can't seem to find specifically what I'm looking for at any manufacturers web site. Walls are 16 in thick logs, with wood paneling on the interior adding another inch (it's a compound, not a cabin!). With that, the way the wood trim works, there are 4 pieces of face trim on each side, then the (casing?) on the inside of the window frame flush against the window frame, effectively hiding it. Also on a budget here, looking for basic efficiency and ability to hide the frame with basic wood trim, no bling, fancy trim. Any pro's reading this know (better than I) what I'm looking for? What model should I research? Does their web site include installation instructions, sample pictures of installation? Sorry, no ability to add pic. Thanks a bunch!

Blue Jay 12-03-2012 08:07 PM

Try Googling "Log Home Supplies" you will find more to what you are wanting than at the big box store's.

nealtw 12-03-2012 08:54 PM

Welcome to the site. Wish you could post photos. Are you looking at changing all the windows in the complex or just a few so everything wants to match.
Is it something like this

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