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Jungle 07-04-2013 02:35 PM

Why to do with this door?
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Should i just replace the door it is 28" wide? There is concrete there i don't think i can make it wider.
Also the metal frame is just metal pieces with wood and plastic on the outside to seal it. Is it worth painting and replacing the plastic?
The other problem is raising the door, i think one 1" is possible. Should i put cement to raise the threshold or just pressure treated wood?

nealtw 07-04-2013 04:46 PM

From here the door and frame look to be in reasonable shape. How much would you like to raise the door? I think you could cut a little off the bottom and shorten the frame.

Jungle 07-05-2013 05:17 AM

I'd like to raise the door as much as possible because i have already adjusted the grade around the windows last year. Also i put in 2" of cement to raise the window level . Water tends to pool infront of the door.
Only have 1" in this case before the structure, you can see the cord wood house might collapse if i messed with it!
Hard to tell from the photo but you can see the top right corner is 1/4" lower and bellow is the main support. You can also notice the right supporting wall is slightly buckling inward.

I think i can raise the door so it sits on the inside. I plan to put a frame and insulation sitting on that ledge. It's steel so i can't cut it. It's only 77" high now. I would have to order that size of new door, 76". I guess some paint and new plastic around the window edge would be not bad solution. Let it overlap at the top 1"?

nealtw 07-05-2013 09:44 AM

Without making suggestions I will just give you some things to think about.:)
What ever you put here will be hard to make it water tight, so I would like to pour concrete under the door to include the slope of the walkway for a few feet away from the door.
The problem with that is this concrete should be 3" thick so it wouldn't crack. So you would want to remove some fill or concrete outside and break up some under the door.
The curve in the wall to the right, if that's the lower part of the wall thay has a curve, it was likely done when the concrete was put in, it happens.
The plastic molding around the window comes with the window and the door company just install them in a door, perhaps a door company could get you a new frame, if not they could supply a new window for that door.
You could look at making it an outswing door, that would be a different thresold at the bottom and makes the framed door 1/2 to 3/4" shorter.
I did notice the gap at the top of the door, as it looks like this door is newer than the rest of the house, so I think it was installed like that to make it fit tight to the floor which is out of level.
I would like to see a drain outside the door if possible.
BTW I agree, I would not mess with the cord wall either.
I hope some of this is helpfull.

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