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AlwaysOneMoreProject 11-04-2010 09:23 AM

Window construction
I'm building a fixed glass window. For the frame, I intend to use 1x6's for the jamb and a 2x8 for the sill. The idea is to have the jamb flush for casing but the sill hanging out for water removal.

If it matters, I want to make it so the sash is easily removable because it's going to be for passing stuff through from the kitchen counter to the deck. Any guidance, both an answer to the question and other advice, is greatly appreciated. I'd love if I can get this project done in one swoop!

AlwaysOneMoreProject 11-06-2010 06:52 PM

In the absence of advice, I've decided to switch to 1x6's for the frame so that I can make the sill out of two 1x's. One 1x will complete the frame, the second "finished sill" will make an extended shelf. I'll use quarter stop for the jamb portion of the frame and the "finished sill" for the stop on the sill.

For the removable sash, I've decided to use 2x2's. I'm going to gato the lengths of 2x2 to accomodate the glass (double pain... pun intended) and, maybe, run them through the radial arm for a bevel. Silicone to seal.

I purchased a used vinyl window for the glass. I can use the locks off that window to hold my removable sash.

I'll post pics when I've completed construction which will be this week.

GBR 11-11-2010 07:55 PM

You probably can't compare to a custom built window though you can visit some web sites for ideas. The 1x stock will be too thin for jambs or sills. Older windows used 5/4 minimum for jambs, straight grained fir- hard to find at the box stores, with a relief cut or dadoes on the backs to prevent twisting with the seasonal changes. Sills were 2x or bigger to last a long time, even so need replacing after 40 years if not protected from the elements, especially water. To use anything less will not last. The jambs should have the outside stops an integral part, to prevent entry and long life, with the inside stops removable. Do a search on "wood frame window construction" for tips.


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