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ccpyue 03-02-2011 03:33 PM

This article said juniper can stand hot weather
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Originally Posted by HauteShots View Post
Thanks for the info but unfortunately I live in the Nevada desert and they wont stand the extreme heat with no humidity...
Junipers come in a wide range of varieties including ground covers, shrubs and small trees. Junipers are usually densely covered with needles. Ground covers are mound shaped, shrubs grow in columns and the trees are pyramidal shaped. These narrow-leaf evergreens are aromatic. Junipers are dioecious, which means that the male plants produce the pollen and the female plants produce the berries. Junipers tolerate hot weather and poor, arid soils. Some junipers will grow well in the shade. Junipers are commonly used as ground covers, hedges, rock gardens and topiaries.

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