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strategery 05-16-2012 09:45 PM

Dewatering my site with a french drain. Some questions.
Hi everyone. I have some questions about putting in a french drain.

On the south side of my property the slope of the earth between my neighbor's house and mine is not very favorable for me. Not only are they higher, but their downspouts point towards my property. That side of the lawn tends to get pretty damp and the water doesn't seem to have anywhere to go.

I talked to a landscaping company about putting a french drain along the property line to try to take care of some of that water. We also talked about teeing my 2 downspouts from that side into the drain which would empty to daylight in my front yard.

I'm confused about whether I should have filter fabric around the drain pipe. Shouldn't I be worried that this will clog with fine dirt or clay? Wouldn't 4" of gravel around the pipe be better than the fabric?

And with this type of drain, I'm only likely to collect surface water right? Rising water in the ground isn't like to be sucked up into this thing through capillary action?

kok328 05-17-2012 04:56 PM

You will want a fabric covered drain pipe. The big box stores and/or landscape supply stores will be able to sell you pre-covered piping. I'd also go with pea rock gravel around that. The drain will collect both surface water and rising water but, shouldn't suck the water out of the ground through capillary action.

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