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dakuda 09-15-2009 03:16 PM

landscape edging
I am slowly starting to landscape the yard. I think this house has had zero landscaping for 50+ years. For now, I have just bought that plastic edging that is really cheap and using that.

Other then not looking the best, is there really any other disadvantage to this stuff that I am not thinking about?

inspectorD 09-15-2009 05:44 PM

It's junk. Why do it twice?
Get some stones, pay the money or do a seach on the ol craigslist.
Plastic shatters when you hit it with the lawnmower after the frost pushes all the edging up.
Stone lasts forever...and dulls your lawnmower blade when you hit it.:D

shan2themax 09-16-2009 09:09 AM

Walmart in your area may have some of the stone type on clearance.... mine did a few weeks ago....

NinjaDave 09-23-2009 08:38 AM

What are you edging around? Depending on where it's located, you may or may not want stones. I personally don't use anything as a barrier between my mulch beds and my yard. I used my weedeater to make an edge, and everyother week when I cut the grass, I run the weedeater. us being able to see what your trying to do might help some. But in the end, it's all about your prefrence.

kok328 09-23-2009 09:41 AM

You get what you pay for, it's difficult to install, installs unevenly, ends up popping back out after a few freeze thaws and it's a pain to reinstall.

Huh? 09-29-2009 03:29 PM

I hate that stuff. Your gonna have to pull it up and toss it in a cuple of months when your back is still hurting from putting it in.

kwmainer 12-03-2009 09:48 PM

Plastic junk vs ???
wow... how interesting!!! Thanks to all who've offered opinions on this. I too am looking at redoing/creating some flower beds.... edging.

I had bought a roll of the "contractors" plastic edging a couple years ago. What a pain to install in an existing yard/bed. If you do it by hand... like I did... it's hard to install evenly. I had to TRENCH around the outside of my rose garden with a small hand trowel (think... DAYS of work)... then try and lay this stuff in there without it popping back out. Never really worked right.

I tried using treated railroad ties... bad idea.... termites. Trashed those...

Meanwhile, a neighbor spent a couple days building forms, trenched out one area of his edging... set the forms in there level.... then mixed up some concrete and poured himself edging. He did his whole yard, driveway, flower beds, by the house... all of it in about 2 weeks.

What he did... was pour a 'crete edging that included a mower strip on the grass-side. He has St. Augustine grass... so he was concerned with the grass running up and over the top of his edging material. With the mow strip... the wheels of his mower ride on the strip while the blade cuts all the way to the edge of the lawn. Then he cleans up with a string wacker.

I tried the 'no edging' method of things. But the St. Augustine grass will grow right into the beds in two weeks. It's amazing really. That grass will grow towards fertilizer... so it loves the flower beds... even if I fertilize the heck out of the lawn.

I'm getting ready to re 'bone' my rose garden... and am considering pouring my own concrete edging and using brick for the pathways. I'm just concerned that the rain water/runoff will leach off the concrete and make my rose soil too alkaline.

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