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ilyaz 01-24-2011 10:47 AM

"soccer-resistant" grass or 2nd best?
Since my boys and their neighbors started playing soccer in my backyard a couple of years ago, the quality of my lawn has been going downhill. After last year's dry summer it got to the point when it's no longer bold patches in the grass, it's patches of grass in the middle of bare soil. I asked around and was told by a couple of people that I am pretty much out of luck as far as trying to put any type of grass in my yard that would be "soccer-proof" or at least "soccer-resistant". I was told that I might just as well wait until the kids leave for college which is going to be in another 8 yrs or so. :-(

1. Is there any type of natural grass that could work? What about the grass they put on gold courses and in stadiums?
2. If there is no such grass, I'd like to at least prevent erosion. Other than putting astroturf, what else could I do?


mudmixer 01-24-2011 01:51 PM

Lawns and soccer fields are not the same.

When the Minnesota Twins built a new stadium, the soil for the sod was trucked 800 miles to get sod that was compatible, durable and could drain and not be torn up by a baseball game. That was just to get good sod that was started many months earlier and established over the fall and winter before the below ground heat was turned on a few months before use.

The standards for a soccer field are less than a lawn or a baseball field when it comes to durability. - Can you buy a lot near by for the soccer to be played on? Otherwise, you will not have a fine lawn, but dogs can make it even more difficult.


GeraldAllen 03-11-2011 03:05 PM

Now you understand why more and more high schools and colleges are replacing their natural turf and going to the synthetic field turf - they just cant keep the turf alive amidst all that foot traffic. As far as grass varieties go, Turf Type tall fescues are durable grasses. Its great the kids want to hang out at you're place but a solution would be to limit their playing time to allow the grass thats there some time to recover. No real easy solutions here.

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