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bryce 07-01-2012 09:46 AM

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Thanks joe, i will have a house survey done. Here's a better picture looks to have the proper vent. Maybe vinyl siding might be an idea. So i guess there is insulation in the roof, i will add more if necessary.
The new heat pumps like mrslim and zuba work to -30, -20. So i guess have a propane backup. Seems it would be the best solution for the small space.
Any idea about heat sinks for the well? I was reading about these things and you slide into the water hose i gather and it will keep it from freezing.
Good thing about this place is that town is not far, that has all the facilities.

I just check the rental house i've been living in and sure enough no insulation in the roof! I thought it was the cheap thermal windows, but that explains the daftness last winter.

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