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AngelaSteele5 12-05-2011 11:35 AM

Attic Insulation/Shadows on Ceiling
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Hello - I'm new here - just looking for some opinions/advice. We have some odd grayish-colored shadows appearing in some of the ceiling area in our house - along the front side of the house and the back side (in other words the edges of the ceiling areas closest to the guttering on the front and back side of the house - but nothing in the middle of the ceilings at all). Our house is a regular ranch-style. A while back we had a professional come and inspect the insulation in the attic, directly above where these "shadows" are occurring on the ceiling. He said that it looked as though the insulation had somehow been moved or blown out of the way (it is "loose" insulation/blown-in), and he believed the lack of insulation coverage in those specific areas are what caused the shadows. We moved the insulation back into place, but the shadow spots still feel cold to the touch - we didn't think they would after the insulation was put back where it belongs. We are also concerned about the potential for mold growth - although we cannot find any signs of that - and these shadows have been there for several months now. Could these dark places be caused by the insulation being moved, or by something else, and what do we do about the fact that these places continue to feel cold to the touch even after the insulation has been moved back into place? I may also need to mention that we had a new roof put on in 2009 and there weren't any leaks prior to that, or after. Any and all responses are appreciated. And a picture is attached of one of the areas. Thanks!

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