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diynewf 03-30-2014 08:13 PM

Cellulose insulation in basement ceiling

I'm new to the forum, and from the articles I've read here it seems like a nice place to discuss renovation issues. I bought my first home six months ago in an older suburb in town. The house itself is 35 years old and has a basement apartment underneath. I live in the apartment and rent the upstairs bungalow. The last tenants that live there had small kids and I found it to be really noisy upstairs because of the hardwood floors. I read that cellulose insulation provides an excellent sound barrier. I know soundproofing an old house is likely an impossible feat so I wanted somehow to dampen the sound coming from upstairs. I hired a contractor to add dense pack blown in cellulose to both the walls in my basement and the ceiling. At $2 sq/ft the ceiling cost roughly $1500. I wanted to get the walls done anyway as a thermal gun proved there was little to no insulation in the walls and my power bills were higher than normal. I opened up the ceiling above my hallway to do some minor electrical work (adding new lights) so currently this space is wide open. I purchased some Roxul Safe and Sound insulation to cover that area and to finally layer it with drywall. I did a few tests upstairs by playing a song on my cell and laying it on the floor in one of the rooms but disappointly, I could still hear it clearly from downstairs. Is cellulose in the ceiling a complete waste of money for this purpose? I have the contractor coming back on monday (haven't paid him yet) so he can explain to me exactly the sounds this is supposed to block and I want some sound tests. I know it wouldn't stop impact noise from footsteps but I at least wanted conversations to be muffled out as well as ambient sounds. There are no tenants upstairs at the moment so I can't do a very accurate test. Regardless if this proves effective or not I am eligible for a rebate on the ceiling insulation so that makes me feel a little better. Will the insulation also provide greater energy efficiency if nothing else? Thanks.

I apologize if this is discussed in another thread. First time here :)

nealtw 03-30-2014 10:02 PM

Welcome to the site. And cogrates on the house with an income suite. A layer or two of roxal or fibreglass will work fine for most noise. With a suite upstairs you ceiling should be 5/8 drywall and a second drywall would help two. There is a product called I think green gew that you can put between layers of drywall for noise also. No pot lights down stairs. Unless you have seperate heat for down stairs you will not have a saving.

diynewf 03-31-2014 05:06 AM

I've already had contractors to blow dense pack cellulose in the ceiling so will that make any noticeable sound difference? I'm having them visit today to perform a few sound test because I want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth.

Another option I had in mind is to put another layer of drywall on top of the old and put resilient channel between the two pieces. Was only going to install in the living room and bedroom only as these are the most common areas.

nealtw 03-31-2014 07:07 AM

I think you will have taken care of most of the noise with that plan.;)

diynewf 04-03-2014 01:30 PM

So I've not wasted money with going with the cellulose route in this case?

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