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JUNEBUG 88 09-07-2012 11:16 PM

Converting bedroom into handicap access bathroom,need wall insulation?
For purposes of my decreasing mobility we have to convert one of our bedrooms into a bathroom with no sill shower and hydro therapy tub. We will be ripping out the carpeting and walls to replace them with appropriate walls and tiles anyway so I thought it may be necessary to add insulation to the walls that are on exterior exposure and in contact with tub and shower. We would probably need to add 2x4's for this but one wall (with tub) has a window so it would need a sill?
Question: the walls already have white styrofoam like insulation. What insulation would be best suited for bathroom? Would closed cell foam have more R value/inch than Roxul insulation R14?

Perry525 09-10-2012 11:38 AM

Any closed cell insulation will do!
The best approach is to regard all walls, floor and ceiling as being points where your heat will escape and to insulate them all.

The key thing with a bathroom is loosing the water vapor without loosing your heat. Therefore, you need to think in terms of making an water vapor proof plastic box. With an exhaust fan fitted with a heat exchanger and preferably a air tight box, where you can shut out the cold winds when bathing/washing and open the box/turn on the fan when you have finished.

When lining the room with a water vapor proof plastic sheet, be sure to fit it over sheets of polystyrene of at least three inches thick, this will ensure that the room side of the plastic sheet is always at room temperature and will avoid condensation. Do not have any exposed framing or any metal, anything that will cause a heat bridge

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