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jdb4whlr28 04-01-2011 02:43 PM

Garage Insulation
I hired a company to insulate the garage I just built because surprisingly it was just a hundred or so dollars more to have someone else to it... They put in R-19 unfaced insulation and then covered it all with plastic. A couple weeks later I noticed frost on the inside of the plastic cover, now that spring is here that frost is turning to water and getting in the insulation. I talked to a couple of people and they are all telling me different things.... Any suggestions???

nealtw 04-01-2011 04:59 PM

The lumber in you garage was still to wet and you have trapped moisture. Open the poly and allow eveything to dry before sealing back up. If insulation is wet, it will take forever.

joecaption 04-02-2011 07:14 AM

And run a dehumidifier 24/7 once you open up the wall.

nealtw 04-03-2011 10:04 PM

This is why we vent the outside sheeting on new construction. Most of the time the drywall is up before anyone has noticed this moisture, and it has no way out.

jdb4whlr28 04-06-2011 09:28 AM

Another thing I forgot to mention is as of right now, we don't have siding up, however the sheathing is sealed... (Zip system). I don't know if this would have anything to do with the moisture.

nealtw 04-06-2011 09:35 PM

How long did it sit dry before you insulated it.

jdb4whlr28 04-07-2011 12:26 PM

about a month.

nealtw 04-07-2011 05:54 PM

I still think it is a wet wood thing.It just needs to be dried out.

kok328 04-07-2011 06:02 PM

this summer's heat should dry it out. I wouldn't worry about it.

Perry525 04-13-2011 12:56 PM

As you probably know frost forms when warm wet air meets a cold surface.

The water vapor trapped in your walls moved inwards to the plastic to turn into frost. When the world outside your garage warmed up.

As written elsewhere, once the summer comes the water vapor will find its way outside.

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