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Brindsey 09-15-2009 09:58 AM

Grey Asbestos in the boiler cupboard
Hi Everyone
The house was built in the 60's and the doors on the boiler (warm air) cupboard were lined with grey asbestos :eek:. We have removed this and are sorting the special bags we need for its' disposal (double bagged, red inside clear outside and a permit from the local Council required) It was obviously used as a radiant barrier, but we don't know what we can replace it with. Any help much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Nestor_Kelebay 09-15-2009 11:15 AM

Phone around in your are to find out what companies specialize in insulating piping. When they install a new hot water heating system or air conditioning system, the contract will often call for the piping to be insulated so as to avoid heat transfer where it's not needed or wanted. Those pipe insulating companies will buy their fiberglass pipe insulation from a local supplier, and that local supplier will also sell a product called Roxul.

Roxul comes in 2 foot by 4 foot panels in various thicknesses with 1 inch being the thinnest. It's a mineral wool matting that is rated at 1200 deg. F, which is far higher than you need. The companies that insulate pipe might also give you some ideas on how best to install it, but I think that if you just had some sheet metal bent into a dog-leg profile, then screw pieces of those to your boiler cover to hold the insulation in place.

Roxul Inc.

Brindsey 09-15-2009 01:05 PM

Aw, what a lovely, thoughtful reply xx
Not what I am after though - I just need something to put on the back of the boiler cupboard doors as heat/fireproof protection. Know I could replace doors, but was looking for a cheaper alternative. Guess there's nothing been invented that's quite compatible and as efficient as the asbestos?

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