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handy 07-07-2012 03:49 PM

Insulating Concrete Block
My house being concrete block and horribly lacking in insulation, I've been researching this site and elsewhere on the subject. After going over a fair amount of material I've come to a couple of conclusions. The proper method to insulate the interior of block walls depends a little bit on where you live and a whole lot on who you ask!

The most predominate methods I've found are: (1) Building essentially a false wall, leaving about a 1" gap between it and the block wall or (2)Attaching furring strips directly to the block wall and filling the space between the strips with a foam board-type insulation. Of course, both methods would also require vapor barrier and some further steps to seal it up (expanding foam for example).

I welcome any comments pro or con regarding either method, but there a couple of little details that I will be faced with that I haven't really found any discussion on. In regard to my unfinished laundry room (meaning it's currently just bare concrete block) We have an exhaust vent for our gas dryer and a steel water pipe for our outdoor spigot going through the walls to the outside. There is also a window in one wall that is one of those nice double pane vinyl frame windows. In each of these cases, is there any concern with moisture/condensation (particularly with the water line) and what would be the proper way to deal with any issues? As for the area around the window, how would this be integrated into an insulated false wall? I hope I've explained this well enough that someone will understand what I'm getting at.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

CallMeVilla 07-07-2012 07:39 PM

Building the false wall with as little as 1/2" space allows you to spray foam the block and the backside of the studs. You also can hit places better where traditional insulation would take a lot of time and trouble . . . The foam (closed cell) bring both insulation and vapor barrier in one big application. Just make sure you have all your plumbing and electrical where you want it.

Have a great time!

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