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JLoc 01-16-2012 01:20 PM

Insulating a non vented vaulted ceiling
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My first post....

Glad I found this forum, seems like a lot of valuable info here.

I am hoping to get some feedback on the issue I have found in my house while redoing our dining room. The electrical issues that can be seen in the photo's are one of the reasons I pulled the drywall to begin with and are being corrected. My dilemma at the moment is how to properly insulate this area of the house.

The roof/ceiling is 2x4 construction and pretty much "Non Vented" (to the outside of the house anyway). Whoever re drywalled this room at sometime before I owned the house installed FG insulation in some places and none in others. It was poorly done. The drywall is chalky and feels dried out. I am going to pull the rest down and redo it all but my dilemma lies in how to insulate this area the right way.

In the first photo it shows the lower side of the room. The wall joins the dining room and our garage... Sooo obviously not vents here.

In the second photo, It shows the higher side ( with some FG ins. exposed ) which shares the wall with out kitchen. There is no blocking and it is open to our attic space.

Then an overall shot of the ceiling.

Last is the adjacent room that is also vaulted. This has been poorly insulated as well (from the inside and covered with bead board) and is going to get redone. This room has 4x6 beams, T&G for the ceiling.

My plans are to have it insulated from the outside when we redo our roof so that we can leave the beams and T&G exposed.

I am in Southern California FYI.

Any input would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

BridgeMan 01-16-2012 06:32 PM

Your pictures aren't coming up--get a "Page Cannot Be Found" message.

JLoc 01-16-2012 06:52 PM

Thanks for the heads up.... I uploaded photos instead of posting links.

nealtw 01-16-2012 08:51 PM

The sloped roof is vented to the attic and should be vented at the other side which you may find when you dig a little deeper, it may be vented from one side or other, the strapping would help with that.
Anything new like this would be framed with 2x10s and strapping to give you air movement above 8" of fibreglass. You can add to the depth of the rafter.
If this roof slopes down towards the garage, you may find a vent wall built up there to draw air from the soffet above. If not something could be added to find air somewhere.
I am sure the roofers will have suggestion on what could be installed over foam above the flat roof.

JLoc 01-18-2012 11:36 AM

I think I may need to have a roofer come out and look at insulating the T&G part of the roof and go from there. Because the two rooms share the same part of the roof, whatever I do in our dining room to insulate on the inside might not be ok with how the insulate from the outside when I get that done. At least that is what I got from some of what I have read.
Our house only has gable vents and no soffit vents which has not made my research any easier to find what I need.

JLoc 02-15-2012 11:20 AM

So I have been busy with work and a gathering estimates and info in the last few weeks, but I think I have a plan now with all the info that I have collected.

At this point, We are planning on doing the following:
Install rigid ( have not decided on which kind or thickness) insulation on the outside when we do our roof, and re-do R-13 batt's in the rafter bays and finish with drywall on the inside. Non vented.

Sound like I am on the right track?

oldognewtrick 02-15-2012 01:55 PM

If it were my house I would be installing something like this.

nealtw 02-15-2012 02:57 PM

I don't think you could do better and I like Oldog's link, that venting is important.

nealtw 02-15-2012 02:58 PM

I ment to say `could not do better`

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