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dgibson 01-19-2012 08:11 AM

Insulation around recessed lighting
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Houston, Texas - I have recessed light cans in my kitchen, and am planning to blow in Greenfiber insulation in my attic after i am finished installing the radiant barrier on the underside of the rafters. For each light can I have made a 14" tall protective cylinder made out of sheet metal so it extends about 8" above the fixture, the top is open, they are 10" diameter with the light being 6" dia.. How do I insulate around these? Can I lay batt insulation over the top of the sheet metal cylinders and then blow around them? The lights do have stickers warning against insulation within 3" or covering in a manner that retains heat. i laid a piece of insulation over one and 10 minutes later there was no appreciable heat build up, and i can touch the protective cylinder even where a joist forces it to be in contact with the light can so i assume insulation touching the sheet metal is ok. these lights have been in for 7 years with no issues. also - can i cover the junction boxes with insulation? if all the answers to the above are no, then maybe I could nail 2' 1by2's onto the joists and use them to support a bigger "tent" of batt insulation? Thanks in advance, i have a feeling i will be back soon with all the work i am doing to my 30 yr old house.


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