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92sb4x4oh 02-19-2012 07:44 PM

Insulation Choices
OK, I know that I need to do some Insulation in my homes (2). I know there are a lot of different kinds/brands available to purchase. So my question is what is the best to use or is there maybe a combination of two to use. I did find a website that advertising a product called Foam it Green that I have never heard of before. In my main home I am thinking of going with Roxul in my walls and between floors for sound barrier. Also, from what I have read about Foam It Green it talks about using both. The spray foam to seal the air leaks then bat insulation on time of it. I could also use the standby of Owens Corning but after see the Roxul I like the fire protection is provides. I will read any and all comments concerning this topic. Thanks

GBR 03-03-2012 06:36 PM

Sounds good! Most others are better, not cheaper than fiberglass.


theheadlander 05-21-2012 04:52 AM

its good that you know that your home needs insulation. it will help you to keep your bills down and help reduce your CO2 footprint. As for your question it does look good many people in the UK do go with fiberglass because it is easy to get a hold of and there are grants available.

carnuck 05-31-2012 11:34 PM

I'd like to find a reasonable cost internal or external insulation for my mobile home that doesn't cost more than the value of the home (it's in a park, so land value isn't a part of this deal)

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