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Yaemish 11-04-2010 09:10 PM

Poorly Finished Attic
I have been going all over the internet to find the information I needed and I finally think i found the right place. Great forum!

Last December I bought my first house (Upstate, NY) and it had an attic bedroom that was already finished. I'm beginning to attack the insulation because I know that it is insufficient, I'm just not sure what the best method is.

I pulled up a floor board behind a knee wall and I found that there is R-22 fiberglass with a vapor barrier between the joists. I know that this is insufficient in my area. I'm looking for confirmation that my best option would be to remove some floorboards on the finished side (I don't have enough room on the unfinished side) and add blown in insulation. Before putting the boards back, I was planning on cutting an R-10 foam board and tightly sealing the joist directly below the knee walls. Is this the correct approach?

Going into the unfinished space I can see that my roof has the Duravent foam vents installed from the sofits. Those same vents are also installed leading up to the ridge vent. There is a 8-12" gap between the vents in the sofit and the ones going to the ridge vent. The framing of the finished space has faced R-19 installed. I think I lose some head through this R-19 and would like some advice on doing the job correctly. Spray foam is a little too expensive. Should I be removing the R-19 and putting sealed foam blocks between the framing? Can I go over the R-19 with foam blocks? All advice is appreciated.

GBR 11-11-2010 08:18 PM

Seal under and over the knee wall with rigid foam on the attic side of the wall. As you said- between joists. Above to prevent wind-washing of the edge of insulation at attic/wall.
The gap between baffles is fine and actually required (1") between them to let condensation out. Durovent - Economical Foam Attic Ventilation Channels

Are you asking of furring the finished sloped ceiling to add more insulation?


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