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gonative 04-29-2012 11:58 AM

Question about foam/roof
I bought a fixer upper outside Chattanooga, TN though I completely lack either the skills to do this much work or the money to pay someone else to do it right. (After living outside US for many years, the sticker shock of getting work done is painful.) So I improve what I can, spend a lot of time researching to learn and pay others as I save to do so. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting my 1940-former-carriage house insulated with foam. It's that or new heat/air as they cost about the same.

In the meantime, #1 priority is roof (metal on top of shingle) repair. One thing there is that flashing came loose around chimney and I can see a pinpoint of light from the attic in addition to where water hit the rafters, no rot yet, thank goodness. Another thing is new fascia/soffit for decking protection from elements. Already had new fascia on front and back when I put gutters on, but sides need help and exposed decking needs protection. House is gable roof built with the gap where wall meets rafters for ventillation. Foam would fill that crack, so need to be sure I'm going in that direction before work next week on roof / fascia / soffitt, otherwise need ventillation with normal insulation.

So it hit me this morning, if you go the foam route, how could you know there is the need for a roof repair? You could never see any light? So could it cover up that particular warning sign and then if there is a problem, disaster?

I'm a 2nd time homeowner and last time had a husband, on my own now, but proactively learning, especially from my mistakes. It's easy to read about all the benefits and they do make sense, but I don't read any negatives. Don't want to make a mistake this expensive. Any advice on foam would be most appreciated.

gonative 05-01-2012 11:06 AM

Well, no answers. From what little I can figure out since I posted this, open cell is used for rafters so water can drip through in the event of a leak. Still seems risky on a retrofit, especially relative to the price. I could get new heat and air plus conventional insulation plus OR foam insulation. Either way I intend to get the crawlspace vapor barrier and foam at least there. I knew foam was expensive, but wow...

oldognewtrick 05-01-2012 04:04 PM

As a roofing contractor, I would never spray foam a roof. You will never find the leak till the structure falls down. Just my :2cents:

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