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spaghetti0625 03-14-2011 07:17 AM

Too much noise upstairs, help!
My husband and I moved into our condo 5 years ago and have had issues since. We had water damage to our ceiling, which last year FINALLY got fixed (had to threaten a lawsuit to our condo association b/c the damage was from structural issues). Any time we do something to our condo, it's twice as much work (and money) b/c this condo was just such a piece of you know what.

Anywho, we know we're pretty much stuck here for the long haul since the economy tanked. It's just me and the husband now, no kids, but we see them coming soon. I don't need a big house, although it'd be nice, but we're at what we can afford so we are comfortable staying put.

The issue I have (not him so much because he can block noise out) is the people upstairs. It's just a couple and they are in their early 30's I'd guess. We had some issues with them in the past which we have overcome and occassionally chit chat with them when in passing. The condo was put together so bad that even when they walk normally, it sounds like they are about to fall through the ceiling. The plates in the kitchen rattle when they are in their kitchen (above ours) and the ceiling fan moves and shakes when they walk in the living room and bedroom. The worst is when they get ready for work. I can hear them opening and closing drawers! And the blinds shake when they walk up there as well. I hear every little thing and it just gets annoying after awhile. I can't really tell them to stop walking in their own house, but I'm looking for ways to inexpensively reduce the vibration, noise, etc from them.

When we had the water damage our ceiling was taken down partly in the living room/dining room area. Some of the insulation was moldy (from the water damage) but there's like a 2-4 foot gap between my ceiling and the floor of the unit above me. now, I'm not mr. fix it, neither is my husband. But it's just all this empty space. The insulation, or what was there, was very minimal in my opinion, very thin, not much at all. Is there a way to insulate something up there to reduce the noise? Has anyone else had this issue and done something about it that actually worked?

I have a mr. fix it best friend that is willing to do the work, but I'd like to get some research done before asking him to do it. I don't want to have to pay for all the materials and him tear down all the ceilings to do it all which will take a lot of time, to realize that the noise is still the same.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

inspectorD 03-14-2011 05:23 PM

If you have a double ceiling, and the space to infill the voids. I would go with blown in dense pack cellulose insulation. It does not mold,is 100% fire proof and the mice stay out. National Fiber: Professional Cellulose for Cellulose Professionals.
The other thing is it may slow down all the heat your giving to the neighbors.:D
There are other isolation channels for sheetrock, but this may be the least intrusive, take a few hours and help your heating bill at the very least.
I install this on some of the projects I work on and the noise level goes down to livable levels.
Bottom line is, you will not get rid of it all with any system you choose.

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