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deepstuff 04-25-2009 03:59 AM

Vapor barrier / Insulation questions?

I'm installing batt insulation and then vapor barrier in 2x4 framed walls:

- Should wiring go behind the batt insulation or should the insulation be tucked behind the wiring? Or should the insulation be split with 1/2 in front and 1/2 behind the wiring?

- When installing the vapor barrier do I install small pieces behind the electrical boxes first? How do I seal where the wires penetrate it? tape? caulk?

- I run a bead of acoustical caulk on the top and bottom plates and end or cornor studs. Stick and staple the barrier in place and cut out for electrical boxes.. Seal it, tape or caulk to pieces already installed behind electrical boxes.

- Its in a basement so I also have to do inbetween the floor joists. Is it OK to seal the barrier completely to my top plate leaving 2-feet at the top. Then go back after and use this 2-feet and to seal it inbetween the joists? Will this work with the barrier sealed alonl the topplate and then all along the floor joists above?


inspectorD 04-25-2009 04:21 AM

Try Basement Insulation Building Science - Home Renovation Article for a good look at what you are doing, and what you should do.
I try to tell folks to keep fiberglass out of the basement, I see to many issues down the road when the basement does get damp or wet, and it will...that is a guarantee.:)
Hope this helps you out, or at least gives you the options.

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