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d_Isigny 02-06-2012 02:03 PM

Hollow core door and bi-fold closet doors that need to be stripped and repainted.
First and foremost - thank you to those who post and reply to these threads. I feel more confident to try projects that we would put off or pay someone else to do. Your expertise is much appreciated.

Funny story. Am sure a few of you will be laughing and pointing at my stupidity by the end of this post. goes. we finally finished painting the bedroom for our youngest. The walls look great and we matched the trim color to the trim for the rest of the house. It looks really nice and our youngest is starting to take more pride in her room. I wanted to freshen up the bi-fold closet and the inside part of the door. The outside part of the entry door was professionally painted when we did some renovation a year ago.

The garage walls and floor were masked in plastic. Stop laughing - I was successful in making a poor mans paint booth. I pulled the doors. Then, screwed a long paint stir stick to hose washer then to the very top of each door (I got this tip from U Tube...allowing mobility without marking up the painted side). Applying a low-sheen interior latex with a small Graco sprayer. Using a low pressure setting, 10 to 12 inches away in a swift parallel motion, overlapping as I've done with other vertical items (wood gables) in the past. When I first stepped back...thought I hit a home run. I even prepared an 'adult beverage' to celebrate.:beer: Well...was I embarrassed. Returning a little later, maybe 30 minutes, long streaks of drip marks are on each door. I tried to 'minimalize the damage' by using a smooth roller to no avail. The

Need to start over. However, will first need to strip the paint. Stripping paint is new to me. I can use some counsel on what product to strip the doors and suggestions/recommendations on use.

Then, I'll spray the doors - parallel to the ground this time.

If you can offer me input on where I screwed up...and suggestions on fix - I'd be grateful. As well as, brand/type of stripping product to get. Again, thank you for posting on these discussion boards - I'm learning a lot. K

nealtw 02-06-2012 02:36 PM

I would smooth them out with sand paper. You just tried to put on to much on one coat.

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