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nankonir 02-17-2013 03:53 PM

I found a lovely room to rent, only problem is... the beige wall paint is chipping
I found this really nice room in a very nice, quiet house to rent and best of all it's in a really quiet, rich part of my old neighborhood (the neighborhood I grew up in and came to love over the years). The room is cheap and I can use the kitchen, living room, etc... as I please. It really couldn't be better, but of course there's a catch. The house was built in 1929 and it doesn't look like the interior was ever painted/remodeled since the year it was built. The room which I would be using has beige-colored paint on the walls and this paint is chipping. None of it is comming off but it is cracked and some parts look like they would disintegrate if one was to press on them. This isn't a big problem in itself, but I'm worried that the paint is lead-based. What are the chances that it is? Is it pretty much 100%? I read somewhere that exterior paint is more likely to contain lead, is this true?

Like I said, the house was built in the 1920s, the paint is on the interior and is beige-colored. Also the paint is not opaque.. as far as I remember. Should I ask the owner about it?

kok328 02-17-2013 05:06 PM

Sure why not ask the owner?
You can always have a piece of the paint tested for lead and/or purchase a lead test kit and DIY.

Wuzzat? 02-18-2013 07:43 AM

More on risk

nankonir 03-03-2013 05:21 PM

I asked him about the chipping paint and told him I'd rather have a newly painted room. I asked whether it was lead paint and he told me that there was no way of knowing weather the paint was lead-paint but said that it was unlikely since he had painted it 8 years ago. I didn't ask him to test it, I'm already asking a lot: having him remodel the whole room and all.


I asked him about having the paint tested today and it didn't sound like he wanted to do it. Like I said, I'm alrady asking for a lot more than I should.

Should I just call the whole thing off? Tell him not to paint it and look for something different?

BTW, what are the chances the painter will use lead paint that he or the owner had stored away somewhere from the late 70s?

nealtw 03-03-2013 09:13 PM

Not likely this guy is going to find lead paint anywhere, so I wouldn't worry about it, Unless you plan on chewing the walls.

tammi 03-29-2013 08:54 AM

If its really bothering you and you said you have asked a lot from the owner, you can repaint it yourself. That way you can be sure its going to be lead free and you can sleep well at night, knowing you have done something about it.

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