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brint44 03-24-2011 10:09 PM

Oil based primer on floating floors
Hey, so last summer/fall, I re-painted by bedroom. The walls were wood panelling, with grooves in between each panel, so I pain stakingly plastered and sanded each and every groove. I wanted the look of a regular, painted wall, so I used this oil based primer to paint over the panels. Problem is, there was wet primer on my socks, and I didn't even know. Now I have white blotches all over my dark wood floating floor. I'm not able to scrape the primer off, as it's, well rubbed into the floor. I've tried letting a patch soak in a puddle of cleaner, but nothing. Is there anything out there I can use to remove these stains, which won't remove the finish on my floor?

joecaption 03-27-2011 07:22 AM

Any cleaner strong enough to remove oil based paint will also be strong enough to strip the finish. A light sanding just enough to get the paint off and not go thought to the stain below followed up with some new poly should work. Try a small area first.

HDwetPaint 03-28-2011 09:29 AM

Hey Brint44, Unfortunately it was an oil based primer used on the walls and most likely a oil based poly used on the floor, but you can test this.
If you have any rubbing alcohol like you’d find in your bathroom apply to a q tip and area out of sight. Check the floor to feel if it seems to be breaking down the finish at all or it may feel sticky. If you notice this you maybe in luck and it could be an easier removal than you’d thought being the floors are a water based polyurethane. If they are using a paint thinner on them will not cause any harm to the water based poly if removed after cleaning up paint.
Otherwise there are some milder paint removers that can be used along with a q tip or tooth brush to minimize damage and get at the small spots where the paint seeped in. keep a wet rag handy to prevent any damage to the actual floor itself wiping away the solvent as you apply it.
Otherwise like Joe had mentioned if its seeped in deep enough sometimes a light sanding with some very fine grit paper or even polishing steel wool will remove the paint, and as he said a new application or polishing maybe necessary after doing this.
Well good luck and if you can provide any pictures or would like to share your ideas let us know!

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