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d_Isigny 01-23-2012 10:25 PM

paint bleed through - suggestions or finger pointing and chuckles - welcome.
Frustrated and ready for some help. Okay…I’ve pulled into the gas station and will request directions. Feel free to jump in even if it’s to point and laugh.

I’m a single income provider for a family of five. It’s not beneath me to work my full plus two part-time jobs. Whatever it takes to support our family. You must know - I’ve been accused of one that will ‘bend a nickel’ whenever or wherever I can. Over the past year, I’ve stopped at two Home Depots once or twice a week on my way home. I buy OOPs paint at a greatly reduced price. Normally…I can get a gallon of good quality Behr/Glidden for $7 that would normally cost $22 to $34 if mixed from a color swatch. Okay…stop laughing. You must know, I’ve painted the outside of a ~1,500 square foot house by using white or near white paint as primer and mixing different colors of tan for the brick and selections of dark brown for the trim. This has been a nice way to spruce up our home while keeping our budget in mind. Neighbors we don’t normally speak to have commented positively on our painting upgrade.

Here is where I need some support. We have a small bedroom of ~345 square feet that each daughter has spent time in and grown out of. Approximately 20 years ago, the previous owners put up a color that could be similar to the blue used for the ‘Chase bank’ logo (no endorsement – just offering as much detail as I can). Each cherub has ‘left their mark’ on the walls by either; nail holes or what my bride and I call…’art projects’ by marker. Numerous hours were spent to spackle then sand the nail and small holes. We started by cleaning and masking the room then applying ~2.5 gallons of ‘home-made primer’. The following day, we rolled/brushed ~2.5 gallons of ‘home-made’ color. Our color choice was a light yellow – think ‘buttercup yellow’. Well…as some of you probably imagined…we experienced bleed through of the ‘art projects’ and previous color. So…the following day…my bride went and paid full price for a gallon of Behr paint. This was premium paint that claims paint and primer in one. I mixed this gallon and up to a half gallon of my home-made mixture together. We applied this concoction to the room but the previous color and art projects still bleed through. We made some progress but I’m not satisfied with the results.

So…where do we go from here. I’ll restate that I’m frustrated and can use some suggestions. I am not sure what is the best course of action and beg your input. Do we apply some ‘store bought’ primer (like Kilz) and then apply color the following day? Or? Regardless if you post or just take a quick read – THANK YOU! I sure hope to get some input as I’m at my wits end and want to get this project completed.

joecaption 01-24-2012 08:36 AM

Well paint is not a primer, Kilnzs would be like priming it with milk and will not cover it.
It's fine to want to save money but if you keep preping things wrong it's going to fail and waste time and money.
Prime it with Zinzer 123 and it will cover it in one coat, it's a sealing primer.
If your going with a darker color it's best to have it tinted gray for better coverage and less bleed through.
It does not cost anything to have them add some color to the primer to get it close to the color your painting.
Forget the primer and paint in one, it never works.

stevesonsiteservices 01-25-2012 09:28 AM

I agree! Prime the walls first Zinzer 123 then paint walls with two coats for a nice finish. That paint and primer in one is just a sales gimmick. What Joe said will take care of it in a jiffy.

d_Isigny 01-25-2012 09:31 PM

I appreciate all who review these messages and hope to repay the bold who post of their experience and educate us all. Your willingness to assist much appreciated.

Well...after an evening of appling Zinzer 123 with a light yellow tint. We then repeated the next morning and yet again that evening. Thereafter I added color that was a little darker than originally desired. That did the trick. Thank you. The daughters 'art work' is a fond memory that my bride and I will always remember. Thank you for the suggestion - much appreciated.

We finally will be painting the trim tomorrow...then, getting the room back in order over the weekend. It will be fantastic to get this bedroom back in order. again, thank you.

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