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o2284200 05-31-2013 11:51 AM

Painting Exterior Stucco House
3100sq ft 2-story with two 9' garage doors; stucco on concrete block. Just did re-roof & re-stuccoed chimney + first floor front of house and would like to repaint entire exterior...but can use some guidance.

gutters are down
awnings/shutters are down
lights are down

2 estimates so far for 1 coat primer + 2 top coats...
1) Flat rate $3650 Labor & materials included. (Porter Paints).
2) "Day rate" i.e $250/day PLUS materials (Benjamin Moore).

They both seem disagree on whether or not to pressure wash the newly re-stuccoed areas and what is the best primer & paint to use especially on the chimney, which previously leaked but was caulked & patched prior to re-stucco so my chimney guy says I need to use a waterproofing paint called elastomeric <sp>.


nealtw 05-31-2013 12:41 PM

Water is just like that other stuff, it just happens. Masonary wick water whether it's from leaks or from the ground and needs to breath. There are paints made for this that are water proof but allow vapour out just like house wrap. Like this one.

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