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milbry18 01-27-2011 11:11 AM

Painting interior and exterior doors
I have been putting off painting my wooden six panel unfinished doors and 2 exterior metal doors for years now since I replaced/ remodeled the house. I was considering buying a Wagner power painter but have been scared off by the reviews on the internet. What do you guys suggest I use?

joecaption 01-28-2011 07:46 AM

For just a few doors that's going to be a pain and there all going to have to come off to do it.
Id's just make up some wedges so the door stays open until the paints dry, remoce the door knobs and tape off the hindges with 2" wide painters tape, install the tape then cut the excess off with an exacto knife. and paint them in place with a sash brush for the low areas and a foam roller for the rest.
Make sure to lightly sand the metal door and only use acrilic latex paint, not oil based.

milbry18 02-05-2011 09:58 AM

any other suggestions from other painters?

designer-fixit 02-07-2011 08:48 PM

check out some of your local paint stores, they are always comming out with new product to help with unusual or difficult painting project...... just make sure you do them by hand, i really do think that you will end best results.

Best of Luck from GSP

MadisonLee 10-11-2011 03:13 AM

you can surely check out from your nearby paint will surely find some good remedy..but be sure that you buy Eco-friendly paints only..

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