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imported_Workaholic 05-24-2012 07:10 PM

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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
How would you compare that finish to paint? Would it be worth it for a guy who is not the best at painting to spend the money on a product like that? How does it look close up?
I think I could of achieved the same results with paint and a faux glaze with clear on top but it worked out well. How many doors are you doing? I did 2 bath frames, kitchen frames and 41 doors and 15 drawers with it for a total of 37 man hours. I think if you prep well you should be alright but just painting might be easier of course you want to prep just as well either way. The glaze is a must other wise it looks like a poor paint job. I followed specs to the t except for I put two coats of clear instead of one. Here is a close up of a door.

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