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ukpete 09-11-2013 05:31 AM

peeling paint

We've just painted a new house, sanded the walls, painted it with a stabiliser, then a thinned down primer coat then a top coat. looked brilliant that was about 2 months ago.
There's a very small area about 3 ins up where the paint is peeling like a thin plastic sheet.

I had this once before where the whole house had had the walls levelled, we sanded down and painted the paint was a plasi.... based paint, which meant it left like a thing plastic coat. that peel after about 2 months, that came off in big sheets I think we should have used a stabiliser which we didn't, that was our first contact with this leveller, some people use like a pop powder mixed with paint, others use a powder mix that leaves like a chalky finish, andrel ??

Any ideas how to deal with such problems.

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