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TomtheElder 09-29-2012 01:49 PM

Preping old, locally degraded redwood siding with lead primer
My 1951 house has redwood siding and has lead based primer under three coats of paint. The paint is mostly in good conditions but a few locations are chipping badly, nails are rusting, and the redwood (horizontal pieces in lower 4-ft w/ vertical planks above) is badly degraded around some nails and splitting at some locations, mostly garage. New siding is not an options. I have scraped the flaking paint (containing chips for disposal) and screwed reinforcing plates to the back of the siding to minimize movement. Problems are likely due to moisture so I have painted the back where tar paper was not present; other locations likely due to cracks due to flexing at joints between horizontal & vertical and at nails - which I am caulking. To avoid sanding and to smooth the surface, I plan to use Kelly-Moore Kel-Bond Ultra primer (XIM Peel-Bond not available in my area).

I am concerned about wood that has degraded, mostly around rusted nails, and about sealing over the rusted nails. Is just wire-brushing degraded areas before applying caulk OK or should I drive in nails & use Dremel to removed degraded wood full depth? Maybe brush on some Wood hardener instead? Anyone have an opinion on quality of the Kel-Bond vs. Peel bond? Thanks.

imported_Workaholic 09-29-2012 09:45 PM

If it was my job I would wire brush the nail heads and pull the ones out that need it and drive new nails in a different spot. putty or caulk the holes. Then I would spot prime the rusted nails and raw redwood with an exterior oil primer as red wood bleeds through pretty easily. I have done redwood jobs where I primed it twice for piece of mind.

How soft is it? Wood harder is a good choice if it is soft and replacement is not an option.

No experience with Kel-bond as it is not sold in my area.

TomtheElder 10-01-2012 12:02 AM

Thanks for the reply Work. Where I can't clean down to sound wood with a wire brush I will try wood hardener. I will check with Kelly-Moore as to whether I should spot prime bare redwood with oil based primer before I use the Kel-bond primer.

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