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sailor86 02-01-2011 07:06 AM

Universal white?
I am an electrician who sometimes needs to cut and repair sheetrock. I've got the general idea of how to cut a reusable square and mount it. I'm going on to learning how to texture using joint compound. But what I need to know is what sort of paint to use. The vast majority of my work will involve white walls. I assume it's enamel. What I need to know is there a universal white that is more often than not used in newer homes?

joecaption 02-01-2011 07:46 AM

No such thing. And there's many shades of white and at least a dozen differant paint companys with 4 differant finishes,from flat, semi gloss, gloss, egg shell ECT.
Walls and ceiling are almost never paint with enamel paint there painted with Acrilic Latex.
There's also dozens of way to texture a wall or ceiling. It could be splatter, popcorn, knock off, rolled joint compound with a cource stiff roller, trowled, sponged, sand in the paint ECT.
Often times the home owner has a left over can of paint stuffed away in a closit someplace.
If not you can cut a 2" X 2" sample out of the paper on the wall or just take the whole piece you cut out and take to to Lowes or HD and they can color match it for you.
Often time it takes some trial and error to match up a texture. I'd suggest buying at least a 2' X 2' piece of sheetrock (Lowes has them for patch jobs) and playing with the tecneque until you match it. Your going to have to sand off some of the texture around the new patch so tape can be installed and have it lay flat. You will need to prime the patched area before painting.

sailor86 02-01-2011 08:26 AM

Just went to the Home Depot to see what's available. In the paint department they have spray-on texture, which should be sufficient for most of the jobs I intend to do. I may just end up taping and leave it up to the homeowner to texture and paint. (In a lot of cases I suspect they'll have some of the original paint leftover in their attic or wherever).

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