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slayousss 10-16-2012 05:05 PM

Help design my basement! Unfinished level!
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Hey guys I have attached the blueprint/floorplan to my basement or whatever you may call it. Ive been browsing houzz alot to get ideas on how to finish te room and what furniture and mood I'd like to set.

To describe myself.

Me and two lifetime friends, are moving in together for the next few years.
We recently joined a big management company and are all going to be living together for the next few years as we have been assigned to work in another state.

We decided there would be one master suite on each floor and 1/2 the floor space of each floor will be dedicated to common living space (kitchen, living room, etc)

I have chosen the basement, as I figured that would attract and give off the least amount of nice (regardless of if my thinking what accurate this is the decision I have made, I cant go back and wouldnt want to hassle my friends)

I have attached the floor plan to give you guys an idea of the lay out

The bathroom will have to be above the hvac area where you can see where the sump pump is. Whether it is attached to my room or not is not a big deal to me, but I do not want the hvac etc to have to be maintained through going into my room (I'm big on privacy)

I do not require I tub for the bathroom standing shower is just fine. I have also been toying with the idea of a open bathroom to bedroom using a glass wall or no wall.

In the entirety of my bedroom (600-1000 sq ft) Id like to incorporate my bed, a sitting room, a office space, a walk in closet, optional bathroom, and also always wanted to have a "secret room" in my house. After a few years of work I finally have the income of customizing my home, so I finally want to build it!

Id like the secret room to be about about 25sq ft. It can be shaped in anyway - just somewhere I can get away and read a book, newspaper, smoke a cigar, possibly even a small tv. (I am a over grown kid I realize this)

My asking for help is more of a call on spacing, and where to ask to put up walls so I can coordinate with my architect and contractor.

The reason I have not asked them for ideas is I dont want them to take short cuts or the easy way out of things/finding ways to charge me more without my knowledge by manipulating me with their knowledge.

So I am asking the ppl of houserepairtalk for the ideas and creativity!

I am 23yr young successful "bachelor" if you will.
I enjoy nightlife
I go out often at night
I date alot so have company over often

You do not have to worry about the rest of the basement as that is going to be agreed upon.

Side notes :
1) bedrooms/walls should be out of the way of the stair way as well as the walkout door to the basement.
2) the upper part of the stair case (which is not illustrated with steps), has a space under it that can be utilized. I was thinking of putting a bookshelf that swings open for secret storage! (not to be considered my secret room\"\")

Thanks in advance everyone!

P.S. I have been using a free room planner and will be uploading that shortly

slayousss 10-16-2012 05:20 PM

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And this is my bedroom/office/ sitting area idea.

The huge piece diving the room will be a big divider for both rooms in the middle will be a tv that is rotatable to be viewed from both sides of the room (bedroom and sitting room) and will have some usable shelves/drawers on each side.

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